Freesky Electric Step Thru Folding Bike BOULEVARD F-2880 blue
Boulevard F-2880
Boulevard F-2880
Freesky Electric Step Thru Folding Bike BOULEVARD F-2880 black
Boulevard F-2880
Boulevard F-2880
Freesky Electric Step Thru Folding Bike BOULEVARD F-2880 red
Boulevard F-2880
Boulevard F-2880
Freesky Electric Step Thru Folding Bike BOULEVARD F-2880 green
Boulevard F-2880
Boulevard F-2880
Freesky Electric Step Thru Folding Bike BOULEVARD F-2880 motor
Freesky Electric Step Thru Folding Bike BOULEVARD F-2880 tire
Freesky Electric Step Thru Folding Bike BOULEVARD F-2880 battery
Freesky Electric Step Thru Folding Bike BOULEVARD F-2880 frame

Boulevard F-2880

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Key Features

  • Foldable & Step-Thru Frame: Easy to Ride, Easy to Carry, Suitable for Outdoor Travel Scenarios.
  • 750W Motor with 100 N·m: Enough Power to Conquer Most Terrains with Fast Speed.
  • 48v 20Ah Samsung Battery: Support Long Range Riding.
  • Dual Suspension: Adapt to Different Terrains, Makes the Riding Comfortable and High End.
  • 4-piston Hydraulic Brake: Provides Responsive Braking.
  • 800 Lumen LED Headlight: Ensure Safety While Riding at Night.
  • Top Speed: 28 MPH by Pedal Assist Mode, 20 MPH by Throttle.
  • 18-Months Warranty
  • 15-Day Return
  • Shipping
  • All Freesky ebikes are covered under our manufacturer's 18-month warranty. All inclusive warranty for the original owner against all manufacturing defects (motor, controller, and battery). Warranty for other consumable parts is 3 months.

  • Ebikes from Freesky are under 15-day return policy, which means you have 15 days after receiving your item to request a return. To return an ebike that is not defective or damaged, please contact the customer service team within 15 days. We do not provide product returns service after 15 days, as same as refund.

  • For in stock items, please allow 1-2 business days to process your order after being placed online. Tracking information will be sent to your email address once an order is shipped. For pre-order item, the shipping date is listed on the product page. 

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    Expert Advice
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  • 15-Day Return
    15-Day Return
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    Fast Shipping
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    Fast Support
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  • 750W
    Motor Capacity
  • 48V 20AH
    48V 20AH
    Battery Capacity
  • 45-90Mile
  • 7 Speed
    7 Speed
  • 4-8Hours
    Charging Time
  • 300Lbs
    Max Load

    Step-thru Design

    This Step-thru ebike has low standheight, which means it is extremely easy to step on the bike, no matter what's your height is.

    Front & rear suspension makes the bike ride comfortable and smooth. You don't need to bear the stiffness when cross some rugged roads.

    Powerful Motor

    Boulevard Step-thru's motor uses an upgraded 750 Brushless Geared Hub Motor and specialized inner ring, which enables high-temperature resistance and smooth riding. If you want to explore the world around you or just for your commute, this step-thru will bring you great fun and helps you get the destination faster.

    Samsung Cell Battery

    Large capacity high quality brand cell battery, 4-6 hours fast charge time, 6 layers of protection, 1000+ times of recharge and discharge, Freesky Rocky Step-thru can cover a range of 45-90+ miles per full charge depending on your choice of riding modes.

    Integrated down-tube battery design makes the battery removable, convenient to be recharged both on/off the bike. With the safety battery lock, no risk of battery loss.

    Smart LCD Display

    Backlight LCD smart display can clearly show your riding operations such as 5 PAS levels, headlight on, speed, remainning battery power, mileage and so on.

    With a USB charging port on the bottom of the display, charging your mobile devices becomes easier when you ride outdoor.

    Hydraulic Disc Brake

    Front & Rear hydraulic disc brakes are ensuring you a much smoother stop power whether on uphill, downhill, or flat roads, providing you with a stronger protection. In rainy weather, heavy off-road, long downhill or adverse conditions, the e-bike provides you with more effective braking with dual front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

    LCD display can quickly connect to Bluetooth

    It is more convenient to upload and download riding data after connecting to Bluetooth, which greatly improves your riding experience.

    High Quality Parts

    tire of Alaska M-520

    Fat Tire

    20x4.0 Fat tire has better grip capacity with groud, which helps adapt all kinds of terrains, such as mountain, snow, beach, sand and so on.
    rear suspension of Alaska M-520

    Rear Suspension

    It gives you great riding experience especially when you ride on some rugged roads. Adding the front suspension, the step-thru can conquer any terrain.
    thumb throttle of Alaska M-520

    Thumb Throttle

    Press with your thumb slowly to get the start power. Then hold down to the end to get the maximum speed. Holding it for around 15 seconds at fixed speed will enter cruise mode.
    shifter of Alaska M-520

    Shimano Shifter

    Never move 2 gears at one time. Please remember don't move it without pedalling the bike, or the chain might fall off.
    headlight of Alaska M-520


    This headlight is stronger than most other ebikes', the light will get brighter and longer distance.
    rear rack of Alaska M-520


    With a rear rack, you can go anywhere with your hands-free. You can also add rear basket to get more staff stored.
    The taillight keeps others to see you even at night.
    crankset of Alaska M-520


    Double cover right crank can make the chain less possibility of falling off. Alumilum material makes the cranks durable.


    In the PAS mode, when you pedal the bike, it will activate the motor immediately. 9 PAS levels is available which gives you more speed options.
    750W (Sustained), 48V rear hub motor
    48V 20Ah Samsung cell lithium battery
  • FORK
    Front and rear suspension
    45-90 miles according to your riding mode
    Intelligent LCD color display
  • TIRE
    20x4.0 CST fat tire
    Thumb throttle
    Upgraded 6061 Aluminum
    US standard 2.0 A smart charger
    Speed Sensor
    Aluminum alloy levers with motor cutoff switch
    160MM Hydraulic Brakes
    Shimano 7 speed
    KMC chain
    33.9*300mm Alloy Seatpost
  • Kickstand
    Adjustable Heavy duty aluminum
  • Pedal Assist
    0~5 level pedal assist
  • Payload Capacity
  • Recommended Heights
    5'1" ~ 5'11"
  • Package Size
  • A.Total Length
  • B.Total Height
  • C.Wheel Diameter
  • D.Standover Height
  • E.Reach
  • F.Min Seat Height
  • G.Max Seat Height

  • **Freesky has the right to substitute parts of at least equal quality for advertised Freesky ebike parts in case of the unavailability of such advertised parts
  • Boulevard Assembly Instruction

    Ride with us

    Please take some photos of the defective parts and send them to our support email at and we will reply you soon and send you correct accessory or part replacement.

    If the package comes with broken box during transportation, please also take some pictures of the broken parts and the label on the box which shows the tracking number. We will get back to you soon.

    Please note that we have purchased the signature service for each shipping. Make sure there are somebody at home to receive the package or the package will be returned to us after three trials to deliver the package.

    Thank you for your support on Freesky ebike.

    1. Please watch the assembly instruction video carefully. Click here to watch the video.

    2. Pay special attention to the assembly of connecting cables, front wheel and the pedals.

    Click here to watch the cable connection instruction.

    Click here to watch the pedal assembly instruction.

    1.After you assembly the bike, we suggest you keep 1 key at home for future use.
    2.Check and Make sure all the screws, including but not limited to the screws on the stem, handlebar, front fork, headlight, rear frame and kickstand, is tightened.
    3.Make sure the seat height is suitable for you to stretch your legs but not too high from the ground.
    4.Check the brake and the shifter whether it is in good function. Check the tire pressure. Normally 85% of the rated maximum pressure is ok for your bike.

    1.To engage the motor, please use the pedal assist 1-2 or use the throttle gently. Please be aware that if you press the throttle immediately to the end when the bike is powered on, it will give you very fast speed in a second.
    2.When you are moving up or down in gears, always pedal at the same time. Do not shift more than two gears at a time. Always maintain the gear system in good condition.
    3.Always wear a helmet when riding your electric bike. Turn on the light when riding at night.

    1.Use original battery charger, use of other models or brands may bring about safety issues;
    2.Don’t run out of the battery for your each ride. Normally when the battery power comes to 20%, try to fully charge the battery to prolong its life span.
    3.Do not leave batteries unused for extended periods of time. Charge or discharge the battery to approximately 50% of capacity before storage. Charge the battery at least once per two months. Store the battery separately from the product in a dry and ventilated environment.