General Knowledge of an ebike

General Knowledge of an ebike

What is an electric bike?

Different from normal bike, the electric bike is equipped with high-speed motor and large capacity battery which means you can not only regard it as a commuting e-bike, but also a mountain e-bike. Whether you're taking them out for exercise or trip, or using them to make daily errands a little easier, electric bike is the wonderful way for people of all abilities to get around.


What should be a perfect e-bike equipped with?

Except for the high-quality motor and battery, hydraulic suspension fork, hydraulic disc brakes, rechargeable display, high LED light, anti-skid fat tires, SHIMANO 7-Speed, comfortable saddle and suitable handlebar are necessary.

Downhill Hydraulic Suspension Fork: Professional downhill suspension front fork with lockout, providing smooth & comfortable riding experience and helping to avoid injury and rollover.

Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes: F & R hydraulic disc brakes ensure you a much smoother stop whether on uphill, downhill, and flat roads, providing a stronger protection. In rainy weather, heavy off-road, long downhill and adverse conditions, the e-bike provides you more effective braking with dual front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

Rechargeable Display: E-bike backlight LCD smart display with USB charging port can make your phone charging available anytime. It manifests the speed, battery level, 5-level pedal assist, mileage and so on.

High LED Light: FREESKY electric bicycle’s headlight looks awesome, keeping you safety when ride at night. Easy to turn on and off, better heat dissipation. Stronger cable inside make it more durable.

Anti-skid Fat Tires: 4.0" Fat tire electric bike has a wide touching surface area, providing greater traction and stability. The rims and spokes are even stronger in rigidness for the high-quality aluminum alloy. Help you easily conquer various complex roads.

SHIMANO 7-Speed: Shimano7-Speed gearing system empowering you ability to make e-bike functioning as a high-performance mountain bike, the acceleration could be amazing. Coming with greater terrain adaptability, make every single journey fun and joyful.

Comfortable Saddle and Suitable Handlebar: High quality accessories can make you feel relaxed on your biking.

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