How to register Warranty

How to register Warranty

As a new freesky ebike owner, you may wonder whether you can get a good service for the ebike. Don’t worry, below I will let you know how to register Freesky warranty and help you to get a batter service from Freesky service team.

Step 1: Go to the warranty page and check the warranty policy.
Below is the website:
You can check our Warranty of FREESKY.

Step 2: find the navigation column or the bottom of the page, and click on warranty registration.

Step 3: click on Create Warranty Account

Step 4: Complete the following information, then click ”Create”, done!

Step 5: Then you can log in to this account and enter the account and password.

Step 6: After logging in, please submit warranty information, then you can enjoy our warranty. Thanks for your time!

Step 7: After you submitted the warranty form, you will receive an automatic email regarding your registration. We will view your application and let you know whether your registration is successful or failed soon. Please go back to your account and click warranty record to check how many days left for your warranty.

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