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Dear Customer,

Thank you very much for your support to Freesky Ebike.

When you come to this page, I believe that you have already owned an Freesky ebike or have got a general knowledge of Freesky ebikes. We hope that you can spread your ebike experience with Freesky to your local place or around the internet. Besides sharing your joy with other people, we are ready to offer you some commision if some of your referals made a purchase from us.

It's free and easy to join our program, please click here to get it running today!

If you have your own large net work, content site, social media or blogger, that will greatly helps. We also hope that you can post some videos to your YouTube Channel or Facebook group pages. You can also post pictures to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and some other website.

The program will count all the sales from your referal automatically. You can check your affiliate account daily if you like. 30 days after the order, we will pay you the commission, normally 3% of the selling price.