How to clean and maintenance electric bike?

How to clean and maintenance electric bike?

Nobody can deny that usually the durability of a bicycle is closely related to a nice maintenance. Besides, a clean bike works smoothly and continuously and can be kept working in the long term.

Here are some suggestions about how to maintenance e-bike.


  1. Before the cleaning, make sure that the bike is turned off and the charging cable is unplugged;
  2. Wipe the stains off with a damp soft cloth on the bike. If they won’t scrub off, put some toothpaste and brush them with the tooth brush. Then the stains will be easily wiped away;
  3. Clean the drivetrain, such as the chain, rear cassette, front chainring and rear derailleur;
  4. Don’t clean the e-bike by using alcohol, gasoline, kerosene or other corrosive and volatile chemical solvents, or it will get dire damage;
  5. Don’t wash the e-bike with a high-pressure water spray.

Battery Maintenance

  1. Use original battery packs, and don’t use other brands which may bring safety issues;
  2. Don’t touch the contact, dismantle or puncture the casing. Keep the contacts away from metal objects to prevent short circuit;
  3. Use original power adapter to avoid potential damage or fire;
  4. Fully charge it to prolong the life span after every use and try to avoid recharging the bike after completely exhausting the battery; when the battery is low, charge it as soon as possible;
  5. The most important thing is when you find the damaged battery, repair it or replace it.

Extras tips we need to know

  1. Keep the bike indoors where it is dry and cool, and don’t put the bike outside for a long time, avoid sunlight, rain and pay attention to other extreme weather conditions;
  2. Lube the chain regularly and be careful, don’t apply on the surfaces of the brakes;
  3. Clean the disc brakes regularly;
  4. When rinse the bike, be careful and don’t get the saddle or the display wet;
  5. Choose the e-bike brands which can provide a long warranty to make sure that your bike can be repaired when is broken.


With a few regular cleaning and maintenance, our e-bike will work better and work in the longer term. If you are worried about the problems of the cleaning and maintenance or you want to keep your bike better, follow those above tips!


Write by Frida

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