Brand Story

Due to the increasing frequency of human improper activities, climate warming, environmental pollution, and urban road traffic congestion, the world has been seriously harmed and threatened the survival and future development of human beings.

"Energy saving and emission reduction, green travel" will become the theme of the times. Treating the earth kindly is treating human beings kindly, which is the responsibility of every one of us. The brand of "FREESKY" smart electric bicycle was born out of this situation.

FREESKY advocates a low-carbon travel mode, and restores the earth's blue sky, white clouds, clear mountains and green water. FREESKY advocates a healthy lifestyle, allowing the public to enjoy the riding pleasure brought by technology, get close to nature, and enjoy the tranquility and freedom.

Guangzhou Yanshan Technology ("FREESKY") Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development and sales of intelligent electric assist bicycles. Protecting the environment, serving users, operating with integrity, innovating and pursuing excellence are our ultimate goals. FREESKY has always been committed to the research and development of intelligent electric bicycles and related products, and continues to provide users with green, high-quality, safe and reliable products. The company has a complete customer service system, good customer relations and reliable pre-sales, on-sales and after-sales service, which can effectively solve the worries of users.

 FREESKY! Let you have a healthy, low-carbon and free life.