Unauthorized Seller Alert

    With increasing sales volume of Freesky products in the United States, the brand Freesky become more and more popular. However, some unauthorized sellers try to sell our products but just take the money away and have nothing to deliver.

    We have several customers who only received one letter two weeks later after they placed the order from unauthorized stores, and it shows as below. Another 4 weekes later, they got nothing.

    The most common tricks the unauthorized sellers use are lower price to attract potential customers. Below is some screenshots from Amazon.    If you find an unauthorized seller who sells our product in lower price, please report the website/store! Especially when you make order from Amazon stores, please use deligence to check whether the seller are authorized stores or fake sellers.

    Please note that purchases made from unauthorized sellers are not covered by Freesky warranty policy.

Below list are authorized sellers:


  • freeskycycle.com

Amazon Stores:
  • FreeskyE-BIKE

  • FREESKYStore