Battery Power Bar

If you have a X-5E Himalaya electric bike, you may think the battery can not be charged fully. Please note that it is the design for the battery bar.

battery bar

When you fully charged the battery, you will see all the bars showed on the display. The yellow bar and red bar are some kind of warning signal. The battery power will be reduced from the left side to the right. When it goes to Yellow bar, it means the power only has about 30% left, you need to charge the battery soon. When it goes to the red bar, it means about 10% left and you need to charge it immediately, or the battery will go to protection mode, the bike may not be activated for some time.

battery bar on the battery

You can also check the battery bar on the battery. When it is fully charged, there will be 3 green bars and 1 short red bar. When the battery goes to the red bar, charge the battery immediately.

Check this YouTube Video to get a quick review on the Display Power Bar.