How to be a free and cool mountain rider?

How to be a free and cool mountain rider?

Do you like hiking?Are you an enthusiast of the mountaineering sports? Or do you want to become a free and cool rider?

You can think about these three questions above before riding this article.

Choose a suitable mountain e-bike is the first step to be a free rider

Mountain e-bike is the best vehicle for us to enjoy the mountaineering sports, no matter for the young or for the old. In addition, to certain extent, it can stimulate our interest in mountaineering. A suitable mountain e-bike can make our travel safer and farther comparing with the traditional mountain bike.

1. Learn more about the battery and motor.
Now there are many different brands of battery, like Samsung, LG or some other unknown brands. A brand battery will have less problems and need less maintenance. Besides, the battery capacity is another point which you need to concern before your purchase. There are different capacities: 36V or 48v; 10.4Ah, 11.6Ah, 15Ah, 17Ah, 20 Ah and so on. The higher the voltage, the stronger power the motor will be. The bigger capacity of the battery, the longer range you will get.
For the motor, we have many different choices, like 350W, 500W, 750W and 1000W etc. The motor type will decide the power and speed. Normally the higher Watt motor will get higher speed.
However, if the speed goes to an extreme, it will exhaust the battery soon. Normally faster speed, less range. Therefore, it is necessary for us to choose a suitable e-bike according to our requirements.
2. Know more about the throttle and the shifter, which will help us adjust the speed when we ride. Most e-bike is equipped with a throttle which can control the speed by holding the button swiftly. If you press the button to the end, it will go to the fastest speed. For the shifter, when you drive uphill, you will need more power. At this time, you may switch to gear 7 to get faster speed. However, if you want to ride it with less pressure, you can switch to gear 1. Please make sure don’t switch more than 2 gears at a time.
3. The brakes are most important, because it can ensure our safety when the danger is coming. Actually, the safety of an e-bike depends on the working condition of brakes. Now these two types of brakes system are popular: hydraulic disc brakes and mechanical disc brakes. If you have enough budget, you can choose the hydraulic disc brakes, which has better braking performance.
4. The wheel size, the tire and its tread
Generally, a large number of e-bikes have 26inch wheel fat tire. But if you want roll over the mountain terrain, you can choose either 27.5inch or 29inch wheels.
Try to choose the e-bike with more tread to increase the friction, which is good to our safety under the raining day, snow and other extreme weather conditions.

Choose the mountain e-bike with cool looks

No matter for man or for women, an e-bike with a fashionable color and design may catch passengers’ eyes. It is amazing and cool to take the pretty bike to travel with your lover and your friends. Some customers may have some doubts: I don’t like the normal or popular color and design which are sold by most suppliers…

Don’t worry, my dear friends, you can choose the store or brands which can provide you with customized services. If you have strong hands-on ability, you can also DIY your bike or simply make some stickers on the bike. That will look awesome.


The cool electric bicycle has become our friend, which accompanies us in the farther and happy mountain travel. If you want to enjoy the free and cool tour with your families, friends and lovers, if you want to stay healthy, if you desire for freedom, choose a suitable e-bike. Freesky offer all kinds of e-bikes that will good for all terrains, and feel free to contact us at


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